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Sheela Seharawat, a nationally acclaimed Dietician, supervises a team of professional dieticians at Diet Clinic. She started the organization in 2006. Her mission is to help people to lose weight in the simplest and healthiest manner. She works with scientific approach and therapeutic diet plans which she has developed are very helpful in early recovery in several life threatening diseases.

Diet Clinic is committed to provide healthy weight loss plan so that it is a fun and enjoyable experience. Our diet plan menu respects your taste; however, we also keep a check on the quantity of your intake. We have tools that help to track your weight.

Our qualified dieticians are well-groomed under the supervision of dietician Sheela Seharawat. They are always ready to serve you.

Every day your satisfaction is helping us to grow. Our centers are spreading near and around your cities and our online consultation is used by people from all over the world.

It is just your faith that helped dietitian Sheela Seharawat to reach you. We are providing customized and quality diet plans to all the clients at the most affordable prices.

We don’t prescribe you any type of medicine or supplements. Various scientific researches suggest that such method of weight loss is not healthy. We recommend you a normal walk as walking is part of our daily life. We suggest you to walk along with our diet plans to keep your metabolism active and weight loss easier.

We have the honor of helping several corporates and their employees to stay healthy, more energized and feel physically at their best.

We keep our clients and everyone involved with us informed about new updates and scientific researches. This helps us to bring you the best results.

We believe in healthy mind and healthy body. We understand you and we help you to change your world. This change always starts from within, so we always start with your health and healthy diet plan

Name : DEEP

Message : hi

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : Hello Deep

Name : Anushka Tripathi

Message : What are the different body types in India and how do you address their dietary needs accordingly?

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : If I answer this question in very general terms then I can say that people's body can be classified as those who gain weight fast, those who reduce weight fast and those who have strong athletic, strong muscular body. All of them need to follow different diet plan. Your diet plan is actually a result after counting every detail of your life like your gender, age, height, weight, body type

Name : Pramod

Message : Can you please suggest me best way to loose 15-20 kg weight in 6 months.

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : Hello Pramod, we, at Diet Clinic , specialize in providing customized diet plans to our clients for loosing weight. FEw tips to lose weight are include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein foods in your daily diet. Restrict carbohydrates ( rice, roti, bread, pasta) , sugar, butter, ghee, fried foods and junk foods. Have a healthy breakfast and have a light and early dinner. You can go for our pa

Name : Rohit Dheer

Message : What should senior citizens do to keep healthy and stay fit?

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : Senior citizens need a lot of things. They need emotional support from their next generations. They need a stress free life along with an active life style and regular medical checkup, proper sleep and a healthy diet.

Name : Arpita Sinha

Message : What should people with thyroid (hypo) do to stay fit as they gain weight pretty fast?

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : Thyroid disorder has affected a very large population in India. It is around 42 million. Yes, it is difficult to lose weight with hypothyroidism. It is very important to do regular exercises and physical activities along with the diet plan. This combination is the only solution. Their diet must have complex carbs, vitamins, zinc, riboflavin, sodium etc.

Name : Hardik patel

Message : Is it good to take bottle gourd juice and amla juice together?

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : We recommend you not to have bottle gourd juice and amla juice together. Instead have them seperately on alternate days so that you can benefit from them more.

Name : Raju Shrivastav

Message : How do you define healthy?

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : The health is derived from the word "hal" that means breathe, inhale. That means health is a concept related with your life. It denotes the complete physical, mental, emotional state of a person and not just his / her body weight.

Name : rahul

Message : Is it good to take bottle gourd juice and amla juice together?

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat : Festival and winter time is full of heavy meals and it is very important to detox your body soon. Drinking a lot of water is the best option. Go for smoothie at breakfast, do physical activities, eat green veggies and low carb foods.

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Diet Clinic ® is a program of regular follow-up visits/ telephonic/ contact during the diet plans phase of the program. Results may vary from patient to patient. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.