Diet Clinic happens to be the best source for getting the best guidance to keep good control of your weight. Rajiv Seharawat and Sheela Seharawat are the key persons who run this health clinic by providing with the best counseling in the right manner. By providing with the best and ultimate tips on eating habits, they make it possible to enjoy a good health that would never lead to any worry at all. Therefore you can really look forward to contacting them that makes it possible to bring your body to the best and ideal shape.

It was at Hotel Crown Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi that International Healthcare Service Excellence Awards 2017 was announced by AVP Media & Marketing Group in association with Plugin Pr. It was in the year 2006 that Diet Clinic started its operation in the field of healthcare sector. It promises to provide excellent services that help in providing with 100% satisfied results out of it.

Being the best and renowned dietician, Sheela Seharawat, makes it possible to provide with all important diet tips that prove to be much useful as well as effective in the right manner. She has really managed to change lives of the people by encouraging them to concentrate on their eating habits.

If you are really serious in finding the best solution to your weight problem, then Diet Clinic is here for you where you can seek your appointment without any second thought to it. So, you can find that it has been your perfect choice to opt for the ultimate slimming centre in India. This would make you feel glad for getting effective result out of it.

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Diet Clinic ® is a program of regular follow-up visits/ telephonic/ contact during the diet plans phase of the program. Results may vary from patient to patient. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.