Weight loss New Year's resolution tips.

Is eating healthy one of your New Year priorities? That is great. But you need to define what you mean by eating healthy or how are you going to keep to your goals. Break down your goal into small tips which are easy to implement says Dietician Sheela Sherawat. At Diet Clinic she teaches the importance of eating healthy and being fit. Here she shares her tips about replacing sugar with jaggery as a healthy alternative as part of your New Year's Resolutions For Weight Loss.

Substitute sugar with jaggery.

Older people often end their meals with a dollop of jaggery. One might think that it is its sweet and heavenly flavor that makes it popular. This naturally sweetener has enormous health benefits. Made mainly from the juice of raw cane sugar, which is boiled until solidified, jaggery is essentially a type of raw sugar. It is also called “Gur” and can be made from date palm juice. Jaggery is an important part of staple foods in most of India.

Jaggery has tremendous health benefits which makes it an ideal sweetener. Only 20 grams of jiggery contains 38 calories and 9.8 grams of carbohydrates and also vitamin B12, B6, folate and calcium. It contains no added fat of any type and one can eat it without any fear.

Most health professionals recommend replacing sugar with jaggery to obtain a sweetener with better nutritional value. Although both are processed sugar is found mainly in the form of translucent white crystals, while jaggery can be golden or dark brown. The first is subject to strict industrial processes, such as charcoal processing making it lose its nutritional value. On the other hand jiggery is not subject to excessive treatment, except for the cooking of sugar cane syrup. This guarantees the conservation of traces of iron, mineral salts and fibers. These minerals and phytochemicals are useful remedies for many diseases. This natural sweetener is an effective way to improve digestion, regulate body temperature, increase immunity, enrich the skin, treat joint pain and other health benefits.

Jaggery is rich in nutrients.

Jaggery is produced naturally without the use of chemicals, preservatives or synthetic substances. Therefore, it contains a series of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Many people often think that this golden sweetener and brown sugar are the same. However, brown sugar is obtained directly from cane juice or by refining raw sugar. In both cases, different molasses as well as syrups must be added. Brown sugar therefore also contains non-natural additives. Adding brown sugar is definitely better than adding white sugar, but jaggery is a much better alternative. Adding honey can also make your desserts or snacks healthier every day. Brown sugar is rich in vitamin B,C and potassium. Jaggery contains copper, iron and magnesium. Therefore, the decision to add one of these to your diet for Weight Loss For New Year depends on your taste.

After investigating jaggery's sugar content, many think it makes you fat. On the contrary, it facilitates rapid digestion because it is rich in nutrients. In addition, it removes toxins from the body and also cleanses the blood. Nutrients help maintain electrolyte balance, improve metabolism and the presence of potassium allows the retention of water that can control your weight effectively. Therefore, daily consumption of this nutritive sweetener in controlled amounts can contribute significantly to weight loss.

New Year Weight Loss Challenge

New Year Weight Loss Challenge

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