New Year resolution to lose weight 2019.

At some point, every dieter wants to give up o their New Year resolution. They want to slide back and let go of their diet. It is important to be prepared for this to happen and have a strategy in place. Dietician Sheela Sherawat gives advice about how to keep on maintaining New Year Weight Loss Motivation.

  1. Do not make impossible resolutions – The surest way to not achieve your goal is to make it unreachable. The promise of not ever eating your favorite foods, for example, is going to set you up for failure. Instead, try to achieve a viable goal, such as not having it as often as now. Do not completely eliminate junk food, but do not make it part of your daily life. Follow the 80/20 rule that your 80% of calories should come from healthy and unprocessed natural foods. The remaining 20% can come from other sources.

  2. Give yourself a reward now and then – Take a cheat meal every two weeks or once a week. This is a great New Year Weight Loss Tips. Eat the food you want to eat, be it a pizza, a hamburger, a taco or whatever you want. It is as important as a healthy diet because you want to maintain your leptin levels (leptin is the hormone that regulates your satiety and cravings), so your ghrelin levels (ghrelin is the hormone that induces it) are low and without cravings, you can be on the right path. Another advantage is that you can take a break from a diet for a while and be pampered.

  3. Plan well ahead – Do not make your resolution on New Year's Eve. If you wait until the last minute, it depends on your mood that day. Instead, it should be scheduled well before such as in mid-December. Create your action plan to achieve your goal of weight loss. On a calendar, write down your short-term monthly goals, the days you train and the days you do cardiovascular work. If you have planned your week or even your month in advance you can avoid last-minute decision making and stay in the game with complete focus.

  4. Keep a journal – Writing down exactly what you eat in the 15 minutes after a meal increases your ability to meet your daily nutrition and calorie goals. Have a diary ready after the meal, no more excuses. Weigh yourself regularly and record your results in your food diary or on a chart where you can see your progress. Data suggest that more frequent weighing than once a week is effective if the results are motivating.

  5. Keep at it – If you do not see the results immediately do not be discouraged and abandon your plan. Stick to New Year's resolution and adjust your diet if necessary. You and your personal health are worth it. It is important to remember that you want to change your lifestyle and not make a quick fix. We trust that over time you will reach your normal weight and will always remember that the Diet Clinic is available to you at every step.

New Year Resolution Ideas Weight Loss

New Year Resolution Ideas Weight Loss

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