How can eating nuts promote weight loss?
nuts are technically not nuts. They actually belong to the legume family and are
therefore related to beans, lentils, and soy. Peanuts are used in a variety of foods;
desserts, cakes, confectionery, snacks, sauces and are also rich in protein, fat, and
various healthy nutrients. 

Benefits of Peanuts:
- The fat content ranges from 44-56% and is mainly mono- and polyunsaturated fat.
- Peanuts are an exceptionally good source of protein.
- Peanuts are low in carbs. This makes them a good dietary choice for people with diabetes.
- Peanuts are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals.
- Peanuts are very filling, and can be considered an effective component of a weight loss diet.
- Peanuts may help prevent heart disease.
- Peanut consumption may cut the risk of gallstones

How can eating nuts promote weight loss?

How can eating nuts promote weight loss?

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