My advice today is about the things is most vulnerable to bacteria in the kitchen:

1- fridge handle (It must be cleaned continuously).
2- Teapot handle.
3- Tap handle.
4- kitchen sponge (it must be periodically changed).
5. Vegetable cutting board and meat cutting board, must:
 • Be cleaned continuously.
 • Each food item has its own cutting board, a vegetable cutting board is separated from
the meat cutting board.
 • When scratches increase on the surface of the cutting board it is recommended to be
replaced, because scratches are a suitable place for bacteria accumulation that does not
disappear with cleaning.
 Finally Always be careful of cleaning in the kitchen and wash your hands with soap and
water always before and after you start preparing food.

How to clean vulnerable to bacteria in the kitchen

How to clean vulnerable to bacteria in the kitchen

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