Importance of mouth health:

Our physical health depends on our mouth health , if our digestion is not good , if you feel bloated, gaseous or acidic all the time , that means something is wrong with your mouth health. Mouth health means- before chewing or wolfing down the food , smelling the food and stimulate digestive enzymes in your mouth. When we take the food in our mouth , from that point to the elimination point , there are many slips between the cup and lips. If you notice we never give time our food to chew it properly. We are always in hurry. From there only we lack our digestive enzymes. 
Second before eating we do not smell or feel or thanks to God for giving us a beautiful meal. That process is only for couple of seconds but very powerful to stimulate lots of enzymes to break down food from our mouth to the gut.
Third many of us do not have enough stomach acids or digestive enzymes so our digestion suffers and that gives bad breath . Our sweat stinks no doubt but in many of us we have generally bad body odour. That is the problem with digestion and building up of toxins in the body. Our gums and tooth health also depends what we eat , what time we eat , how we digest and eliminate our food. Take care , have a superb healthy day.

Importance of mouth health.

Importance of mouth health.

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