Keto Diet


A keto diet is a diet plan that keeps you under very low or almost zero intake and increase your fat intake to higher levels. This diet is extremely effective in weight loss and shedding body fat. Dietician Sheela Seharawat, founder of Diet Clinic refers that keto diet as a mean in which you trick your body to use the stored fats as the main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. The body breaks down the stored fats and use it as an energy source, thereby the body losing all fats and maintain lean muscles. Such a diet should not be self-administered and should be taken under expert guidance.

keto diet

keto diet

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Diet Clinic ® is a program of regular follow-up visits/ telephonic/ contact during the diet plans phase of the program. Results may vary from patient to patient. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.