Weight Loss Diet Tips on Christmas

Christmas comes around once in a year and it’s but obvious that anyone would surrender to the tempting Christmas craving. At the same time, we continue to crave for that perfect figure with Weight loss diet tips on Christmas.


The most important meal of the day is the most neglected one. If you want to maintain a healthy weight make sure you don’t miss your breakfast. Do remember to include fresh fruits, egg, and milk in breakfast. They are wonder food when you get up on an empty stomach. Even Santa Clause, bites into an early morning breakfast every time he comes down the chimney.

Green Tea

Drinking up to two to three cups of tea regularly can benefit in Weight loss. It contains catechins; an astringent component in green tea that helps in body fat reduction and works as antioxidant. It contains healthy substances that boost the metabolism. The active compounds trigger the fat burning hormones to break down fat cell. Trust me, green tea is not the Green Grinch this Christmas.


Water is zero calorie drink that can boost your metabolism by 20% in a span of two hours or less. The miracle drink helps in burning off a few more calories than you could imagine. It is possible to burn nearly 100 calories by just drinking over two liters of water per day. However, it must be noted that you should not drink water while you are eating. For healthy digestion, it is advisable to drink water half an hour before meal and after an hour’s gap after meals. Drink plenty of water fi you want to fit into your stunning red dress on Christmas Eve.

Shun Sugar

Sugar is the key ingredient to boost obesity. Sugar has zero nutrients, zero protein, zero healthy fats and zero enzymes. In fact, white refined table sugar is not food at all. It is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources. The dextrose, fructose and glucose in sugar are high in calorie count. When sugar enters your cells, it is converted into fat. These fat cells lead to chronic inflammation of the body. If you desire healthy weight keep yourself away from sugary stuff. This Christmas, keep your words sugar coated, not your donuts.

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