Why you need a Detox after Holi

Why you need a Detox after Holi

After all that gujjia and namakpare, along with choley bhature, that you could not refuse because it was too good to resist having just one, and of course how can you stay away from all that food during the Holi? But all these lands us with indigestion and upset bowels. Now, whatever you deal with after the Holi, choose to cleanse your internal organs with specially designed detox diets from Diet Clinic.

Try out the simple and very effective water based detox diets of Diet Clinic, like the Ginger – Mint Detox Diet, the Mixed Berries Detox or the Orange Honey one to get rid of the unwanted toxin build up in the body by flushing them out and as well keeping you hydrated at the same time along with providing the vital nutrition required for healthy after.


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