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" Success always comes with time and support. During the last 12 years diet clinic has worked hard during each of its steps to win the heart of every individual by rendering the best for achieving your goal. Your trust helped us to win around 90% of our new referral clients. Your happy faces bring happiness into our lives " Dietitian Sheela Seharawat

" Weight loss is a duty for everyone - to keep your body healthy and enjoy the rich blessing of life by staying healthy. Help & Support everyone to feel good and remain healthy. Allow us to help you and help others. Your trust is what matters"
CEO – Rajiv Seharawat

Diet Clinic

“Let Your Diet Work For You” – we are the team of dietitians & nutritionist who are dedicated to help you to get rid of medical conditions and challenges that drastically need changes in the field of your lifestyle and calorie intakes. We are with you online and also planted at 24 diet clinic centers around every major city. Our weight loss program is evidence-based to result into a successful lifestyle change. We understand that each individual is unique and take care and look after each one individually and really work with our clients.

Amazing Support

We never make you starve. We ask you to eat more and enjoy your best taste buds. There is no problem in your food but in its quantity and how it is cooked. We give you all support. We help you in many ways like regular weight checkup, water intake level, educational and health tips, timing, general detox activities and physical activities tips. We are always with you and your faith in us makes a bond and that works for both interests.

Tools for Success

Diet and lifestyle are to two very strong components that make the changes in your life. We also provide supplements and nutritive products to help you in better weight loss goals. Our individual care and understanding of your body type and its unique conditioning and requirement helps us to track your weight loss progress.

Physician help and tips

Illness is subject of identification. And worst it is not just a physical one rather mental, emotional and spiritual. Judging your level and your mental strength helps in determining the level of your health care and support from us. We fix our appointment every 3rd to 4th day and supervise the right execution of your weight loss program.

Signature Products

We are helping you to work, eat and live with better nutritive products that contain highest-quality ingredients, specifically designed with proprietary formulations that supply the nutrients you need to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. These contain good fatty acids, high protein, rich fibers, low calories and right amount of carbohydrates.

Proven Success

More than one lakh of people like you has gained the advantage of our dietitians and nutritionists in the last 12 years of Diet Clinic practice. We have successfully melted down the weight of 10 lakhs and above. We have experience in reducing nearly 50 – 60 kg of excess weight of our clients just by supporting a healthy diet and better lifestyle.

Inclusive Research

We keep our eyes on researches and studies all over the world. WHO, AMA, CDC etc. We follow and understand what is relevant and best practices are taken to provide good health throughout the world. Like recently in 2013 AMA recognized Obesity as a disease and government is imposing more taxes on sugary foods. Health care and health care professionals are serious in reducing the complications of most diseases like high sugar, high uric acids, high blood pressures, high stress level, PCOD, etc. Research has shown that supervised weight loss programs are an effective way to control these life-threatening ailments.

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Diet Clinic ® is a program of regular follow-up visits/ telephonic/ contact during the diet plans phase of the program. Results may vary from patient to patient. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.