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The straightforward principles at Diet Clinic on how to become healthy will help you perform your best in your life now and ahead, no hacks required.

We all know the fact that health and fitness can never be gained with hacks and shortcuts, but still many of us go for that way. Real ones never go for shortcuts. Be the one who is not compromising with anything in terms of their health.

Diet Clinic is now placed right here in your neighbourhood. Get engaged with us and set onto the journey of health and fitness.

Mantras to Lead you as an Athlete

Following these simple four Mantras such as Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, Sleep like a baby, Win like a champion, can help you live your life as an athlete.

When you go for training, train yourself like an athlete. Work out as you want the results to be. Get yourself engaged completely in the gym, on the track, out on the field, on the ice, or wherever you training yourself. Give your 100 per cent each and every time you set on the field.

The most important part of being an athlete is the type of food you eat. Always eat the proportionate diet that provides you the results you want. You can have the best customized diet plan here at Diet Clinic with Dietician Sheela Seharawat. Her exclusive diet programs will help in keeping your body healthy and fit.

How much sleep one should take is also guided here by top Dieticians. You will be guided with the most prominent golden tips out here at Diet Clinic. Our team of dieticians will help you on setting a track of living as an athlete.

Give a visit to our Diet Clinic and have a wonderful meeting with the top Dieticians over your health.

You go around, tell people that you want to lose weight and get ready to bear the flood of tips coming out from everywhere. And now you find yourself completely exhausted and has no idea where to go for healthy tips.

Though you might be out of solutions but we have our Diet Clinic just right here in your neighbourhood to solve your mystery over healthy tips. Diet Clinic deals with all kinds of weight problems and health ailments. If you are one of them, visit Diet Clinic and meet the top Dietician Sheela Seharawat.

Adopt the tips, live every bit!

There are many methods to improve your health such as: to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more; to boost your energy, get proper sleep; for preventing dehydration, drink more and more water. Others, however, are totally counterintuitive.

 Health comes first before anything. Look for the healthy version of yours and start eating fresh and healthy food. You will definitely have a great body to see after sometime.

Efforts are never wasted. Put all of yours in your body improvement. At Diet Clinic, your wellness coach, dieticians would be there to help you in your weight loss journey and its management. Stop torturing yourself with strenuous exercises, bitter pills and gym. Start nourishing yourself with healthy choices.

Weight loss is no rocket science. It is now one of the task which everyone can do easily at any age. Be the inspiration for your family, friends, relatives, neighbours and many more. Show the world that you too can be slim and fit.

Grab your customized diet program now from Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic.

Get in shape today!

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The detox diets have been now in trend since we have considered the wellness trends. People are going crazy for the detox diets, as everyone go for something that is in fashion or in vogue. It’s good to go with the trends but everything is not for everyone.

If you are going for juicing, fasting or cleansing in a vigorous and determined attempt to lose weight or improving your health for a good cause, you must be aware that cutting on foods is not a good idea as a healthy eating plan for lifetime is. According to a fact, strict detoxing can be the reason for various issues like fatigue, dizziness and low blood sugar.

Diet Clinic is the approved place where you can fulfil your dreams of a slim-trim body with our top Dietician Sheela Seharawat.

What happens when you go without sugar for 10 days?

Limiting sugar in your daily dietary habits can help you drop extra pounds, improve your health and even give you more radiant skin.

There is a saying “Sugar makes you fat, ugly and old.” Sugar is one of the major cause of obesity, heart diseases and even make your skin dull. The Sugar Detox will help you lose weight in an easy and simple manner.

One should be always aware of the kinds of food they’re consuming. Each food item comes up with some quality and drawbacks. Always go for the healthy versions of those items. This will help you in being fit and healthy for a longer period.

Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic has gained expertise all these years in the field of health. She’s been improving and gifting people the health for lifetime. You should also initiate to bring yourself to the world of healthiness. Believe in us and mark the difference in your body after joining us.

Do hit our Diet Clinic now!

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Food is the basic need to live as a human. How to eat, what to eat and when to eat is all in our hands. Choosing right foods gives the best results. The type of food you eat is what you become. Eating healthy would make out the healthy paths in your life. It is never too late to start healthy living. Be the one, who is ready to do anything to get in better shape. Everyone makes their own food choices. But it is really important to get your self-check first as what diet suits you the best. None other than Dietician Sheela Seharawat can help you with her great care and support.

At Diet Clinic, we have the team of experts who are 24*7 ready to help you in every detail of your weight loss journey.

Lose Weight Now, Ask Us How!

You will not just lose weight here, but earn a lifetime healthiness. The best part about our Diet Clinic is that if you have a dearth of time and you are unable to get in touch with us in human, there’s no need to worry. We have our online diets available with the customisation done by one of the top Dietician Sheela Seharawat.

The diet programs at Diet Clinic have been devised exclusively by top Dietician Sheela Seharawat. You are never asked to go on restrictive diets, following medications or hitting the gym. Just follow the suggested diet plan given to you. Soon, you’ll be able to see results and transformation in your body.

Get in touch with the expert team of dieticians here at Diet Clinic. Be healthy, Be you!

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The Heart Healthy Holi Recipes this Holi

What are celebrations without food? In our country food happens to be the soul of all festivals and Holi in particular has more cultural significance than religious. The festival of colours is known for traditional recipes, tasty snacks and yummy sweets.

Here are some popular Holi recipes made healthier by Diet Clinic, that you would want to try this year:

  • Kachori with Aloo ki Subzee: the best indulgent dish to try on a festival and it is also India's famous and favorite naashta, but the one you get in the market are loaded with trans fat and impure ingredients. You can make market like kachori at home by following this simple recipe. Made with moong daal, spices and flour, try this easy kachori recipe and thank us later.

  • Spinach & Cheese Gujjiya: this appetizing fusion recipe of gujjia that is not sweet but is a savory snack made with spinach and cheese and shaped into a gujjia. Moreover, to add to its health quotient these are baked and not deep dried.

Why you need a Detox after Holi

After all that gujjia and namakpare, along with choley bhature, that you could not refuse because it was too good to resist having just one, and of course how can you stay away from all that food during the Holi? But all these lands us with indigestion and upset bowels. Now, whatever you deal with after the Holi, choose to cleanse your internal organs with specially designed detox diets from Diet Clinic.

Try out the simple and very effective water based detox diets of Diet Clinic, like the Ginger – Mint Detox Diet, the Mixed Berries Detox or the Orange Honey one to get rid of the unwanted toxin build up in the body by flushing them out and as well keeping you hydrated at the same time along with providing the vital nutrition required for healthy after.


How to complete Detox your body-After Holi

Now that you had all the fun splashing colour at each other and relishing all the sweets and savouries of Holi, it’s time that Diet Clinic recommends you to get rid of all that you have stuffed yourself with during the festivities through a detox program from us. We understand that it is not only the internal systems that have been overloaded but the harsh colours and chemicals in them have impounded its effects on your skin as well.

We strongly recommend to keep yourself hydrated with maximum intake of water. Drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water a day to help the skin and the body flush out the harmful toxins and chemicals been accumulated. Since consumption of lots of sweet during Holi is common, ensure having plenty of salads that will aid in the detoxification of the body.


After the successful journey of Diet Clinic, this branch has opened in the heart of Dubai. Dietitian Sheela Seharawat, who is the founder of the renowned clinic, will guide you with different healthy diet programs. You can seek the consultancy from her and make your life healthy and fit. Many people in Dubai have been getting effective health benefits from us and we are happy to serve our potential customers there. Many people in Dubai have experienced the effective weight loss program. Come and join our Diet Clinic Dubai to know more about weight and diet related information.

Who else want to lose Weight without Dieting?

Well what every weight category you are your weight loss will come from your ability to work on controlling your weight. Keeping the weight off is easy once you understand how your weight personality works. Learning the outcome of your weight loss will help you to activate your gold to losing weight. Expert Sheela Seharawat will guide you with a perfect diet plan and you will surely lose weight in a short time. It is time to take good care of your health and we are here to help you with customized diet plans according to your lifestyle. At Diet clinic Dubai, you can even get the diet plans with all the low calorie diet recipes. Now kick start your day with a proper healthy diet plan and shed extra flabs naturally.

Let your diet work for you magically and make you healthy.

Christmas comes around once in a year and it’s but obvious that anyone would surrender to the tempting Christmas craving. At the same time, we continue to crave for that perfect figure with Weight loss diet tips on Christmas.


The most important meal of the day is the most neglected one. If you want to maintain a healthy weight make sure you don’t miss your breakfast. Do remember to include fresh fruits, egg, and milk in breakfast. They are wonder food when you get up on an empty stomach. Even Santa Clause, bites into an early morning breakfast every time he comes down the chimney.

Green Tea

Drinking up to two to three cups of tea regularly can benefit in Weight loss. It contains catechins; an astringent component in green tea that helps in body fat reduction and works as antioxidant. It contains healthy substances that boost the metabolism. The active compounds trigger the fat burning hormones to break down fat cell. Trust me, green tea is not the Green Grinch this Christmas.


Water is zero calorie drink that can boost your metabolism by 20% in a span of two hours or less. The miracle drink helps in burning off a few more calories than you could imagine. It is possible to burn nearly 100 calories by just drinking over two liters of water per day. However, it must be noted that you should not drink water while you are eating. For healthy digestion, it is advisable to drink water half an hour before meal and after an hour’s gap after meals. Drink plenty of water fi you want to fit into your stunning red dress on Christmas Eve.

Shun Sugar

Sugar is the key ingredient to boost obesity. Sugar has zero nutrients, zero protein, zero healthy fats and zero enzymes. In fact, white refined table sugar is not food at all. It is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources. The dextrose, fructose and glucose in sugar are high in calorie count. When sugar enters your cells, it is converted into fat. These fat cells lead to chronic inflammation of the body. If you desire healthy weight keep yourself away from sugary stuff. This Christmas, keep your words sugar coated, not your donuts.

Christmas Eve - Guilt Free Christmas Dinner

Low Calorie Diet for Christmas


Christmas, a major festival commemorating the birth of Jesus, is celebrated across the globe. Among grand cheers and bubbly beats, Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th December, a day before Christmas day. It is a conspicuous day with significant anticipation of Christmas Day.

Every celebration is complemented with scrumptious meal with family. The hallmark of traditional Christmas dinner includes oven-roasted stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy or cranberry sauce and stir fried vegetables. The cherry on the top of the Christmas dinner is sealed with Christmas plum cake, pumpkin or apple pie, raisin pudding, fruitcake and gingerbread cookies. With so many tempting goodies laid down on the festive table, it’s only but natural to be swayed to gobble up those yummies. Once the celebration ends, the aftermath is full of regrets and a bloated body. So, how shall we incorporate healthy strategies with merriment? Your Guilt Free Christmas Dinner is possible if you keep a check on the calorie intake without compromising on the taste.

Free Yourself This Christmas From Guilty Food

Healthy eating doesn’t always mean tasteless food. You can spice up some mouth-watering delicacies without the guilt trip.

  • Turkey could be swapped with roasted beef or ham. Oven-roasted turkey contains 135 calories per ounce whereas roasted beef contains 76 calories per ounce and roasted ham contains 30 calories per ounce.

  • 1 cup of homemade mashed potatoes, prepared with butter and whole milk, contains about 240 calories. This can be replaced with roasted sweet potatoes containing only 29 calories. If you roast them twice, it becomes crispy on the outside and super-creamy on the inside that melts in the mouth.

  • Instead of serving a bowl of stir-fried vegetable, opt for boiled ones. A colorful bowl of steam mixed vegetable is not just brimming with vitamins and minerals, it is reduced to just 45 calories whereas stir fried vegetables are at a whopping 200 calories per bowl.

  • Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas if the meal doesn’t end with a Christmas cake. Healthify your sugarless Christmas cake with loads of dates, prunes, cranberries, raisins, currants and some dried apricots and blueberries. These fruits substitute the craving for sugar. Add omega-3 rich walnuts to impart a delicious crunch in every bite.

So, it’s not Merry Christmas if it’s not Bon Appetit.

Recipes you should try to make this Christmas

Weight Loss Diet Tips on Christmas

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