Sugar intake need correction

Earlier fat was considered a villain, a toxic but modern research found that the actual villain of our life in the from of good is sugar . it is responsible for obesity, depression, heart disease, teeth and many things .

Sugar is needed for our body and it is very important to limit yourself within it .

  • Adult men – 37.5 gram or 9 teaspoon .
  • Adult woman ­– 25 gram or 6 tea – spoon

It is also important to know that one tea – spoon contains 4 grams of sugar .

Our body requires carbohydrate for its proper maintenance but the worst source can be sugary foods which are the worst source can be sugary foods which are loaded with table sugar, corn syrup or maple syrup. These foods are full of calories but have no or very little nutrition. They are mostly heavily processed foods, even those that don’t taste sweet. It is necessary to know its sources and strictly avoid processed food and eat within limits.

It is important to know the sources and then find healthy alternative. Let sources and then find healthy alternative . Let us start with a simple example . We all Love raisin which a made up of grapes and study says that 1.5 ounces of raisin has more than 25 grams of sugar however a cup of grapes has 15 grams of sugar . In other words, when we are using something directly , the chance of that food having less sugar increases.


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