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Vitamin A is called as miraculous vitamin. Vitamin A and its sources are widely searched for its fortifying properties.  Among the various vitamins, Vitamin A is considered as the most important because it is essential for healthy growth and takes care of our eyes and bones.


Food on time is also called as the wealth on time. Time and eating habits are conjointly related with each other. Taking healthy food is necessary but the timings you take it are also equally relevant.

 Time and Eating Habits

Citrus fruits, their types and sources are varied enough to discuss in a short while.  Citrus fruits include all sour tasting fibrous fruits which are rich source of Vitamin C and ascorbic acid. For wholesome development of the body and impeccable immunity, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient.

Types and Sources

Vitamins and minerals are essential part of our dietary nutrients. Most of the diet plans escape important vitamins and minerals in lieu of harping quick results but at the same time they tend to compromise with health of the user.


With a cup of warm drinking water, you can refurbish your digestive tract and can fight ageing as well. Water is closely related to weight loss and anti ageing.  Water digestion and weight loss are widely sought formula to curb obnoxious diseases and for a healthy life style.

Water Digestion and Weight Loss

Millions of people all over the world are suffering from weight problem. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, junk food habits, lack of physical activity and sometimes due to genetic and hormonal factors weight problem arises.

Weight Problem

There is always a tussle between the anti oxidants and free radicals in our body.  Anti oxidants are involved in prevention of cellular damage and thus prevents dangerous diseases to concur while free radicals are atoms roaming around with odd number of electrons and are highly reactive. They form compounds with cellular components and ultimately cells dies or functions poorly.

Anti Oxidants and Free Radicals

Sometimes people eat to pacify their stress, and not actually to satisfy their hunger. You might gulp a brick of ice cream, may be you order a Pizza or sometimes roam in the market for having any kind of calorie rich stuff your mind like the most but your health hated the most. 

Stress and Food

Digestion includes various physio-chemical processes. Sleeping posture plays a key role in the process and pace of digestion. Thus sleeping and digestion are related with one another. 

Sleeping Habits and Digestion

As we get old, a number of factors take toll on our digestive faculties. Lifestyle turns sedentary, body metabolism slows down, tooth decay and deformity debars having desired foods and numerous medicines that hurls side effects on the body.  Thus old age digestion and heath care is a major concern always. 

Old Age Digestion and Health Care

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