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Calorie needs of the both genders are vary due to their different body sizes and working patterns. Evaluate your diet; it might be against your genetic makeup as food requirements for man and woman body are different. 

Food Requirements of Man and Woman Body

Hormones play a key role in our body as a chemical messenger. Physiological functions like metabolism, immune system, menstruation cycle and reproduction are controlled by the optimum secretion of the vital hormones which our body naturally produces. 

Important Hormones and Controlling Diet

During growing years foods which are rich in proteins, calcium, iron and vitamins are essential for growing child healthcare. Without a healthy diet schedule, children may undergo sluggish growth and sometimes in serious cases, it also affects their motor skills. 

  Growing Child

India is land of traditions and our rich culture. Keeping fasts is a major part of our traditional festivals and ceremonies. Fasting and science of eating are two things aligned to each other. It has been seen that most people undergo fasting without taking care of their health and they compromise their health on the pretext of religion or tradition. 

Fasting and Science

Since childhood we are learning that exercise and health are two sides of a single coin but most of the people all over disregard this idiom, attributing their laziness. This laziness takes toll over the health of them as well. 

Exercise and Health

Even a well planned diet plan can go in vain when you are clutched to emotional eating. Far beyond satisfying the appetite, people undergo emotional eating when they are in pain, stress and sometimes due to boredom and loneliness.

  Emotional Eating

When you ignore your health, you kick start a rupture of balance between the exercise, health, diet and diseases. All these things are intrinsically co related.  Misconceived food habits are sheer invitation of diseases. 

 Diet and Diseases

Diet and health are two inseparable entities in the field of nutrition and dietetics. One cannot even assume of a healthy body without a well balanced and nutritious diet. Even physical work out proves inefficient without the intake of proper and scheduled diet. 

    Diet and Health

When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it creates heaven on earth. There are certain norms of cleanliness and most of the educated families do follow them, but sometimes, unknowingly, we tend to follow ill habits that may render us in trouble.

  Clean Living Habits

Navratri is a widely celebrated fest in India

Navratri is a widely celebrated fest in India

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