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Fibre can also help with fat toss. Fibrous foods take more time to chew and swallow, add bulk to your meals (filling up your stomach), slow down gastric emptying, and may even decrease appetite-stimulating hormones. The big advantage of fibrous carbs such as leafy greens and other non starchy vegetables is the low calorie density. It's nearly impossible to overeat green vegetables and fibrous carbs. You would get tired of chewing before you ate too much. For example, 350 grams (12 ounces) of rice (a starchy carb) contains more than 400 calories. The volume (the space it takes up on your plate and in your stomach) is the same, but there is almost a sevenfold difference in calorie density.

How fibrous carbs help you burn more fat?

"In any case, flax is an extremely rich source of omega-3 fat and it's the top choice for vegetarians or anyone else who doesn't eat fish"

Flaxseed oil is the richest plant-based source of omega-3, with twice the omega-3 content of fish oil. The type of omega-3 fat in flaxseed oil is alpha-linolenic acid, which requires conversion in your body to the usable forms, EPA and DHA. There's been debate about how well your body makes this conversion and whether flax oil is better than fish oil. Over the last decade, mounting research has made fish oil the darting of the health & fitness world and the most popular choice for a healthy fat supplement.

Why Omega-3 is still the best healthy fat loss?

Eat fewer processed foods & more natural foods. It's always better for your health & it may help you with your deficit. The trick there is to increase nutrient density while controlling the calorie density. This is much easier to do with natural foods like vegetables and fish compared to man-made foods like pastries or burgers. You could get away with eating low-quality, highly processed foods and still lose weight as long as you stayed in a calorie deficit, but when your calories are getting lower & lower, it only makes sense to get the highest nutrient density possible from every calorie you eat.

 Why food quality is important for loss?

If you have a favourite type of cardio you really enjoy, stay with it when you're getting good results. When your progress is starting to flat line, however, a change alone can restimulate your progress and your motivation. For example, if you've been walking, change the type of exercise to stair-climber, cross-trainer, or stationary bicycle. Try anything your body isn't used to. Changing your workouts is also a great way to prevent boredom and recharge your enthusiasm while avoiding repetitive overuse injuries.

Change the type of cardio.

Some low-carb diet advocates argue that we don't need carbs at all. Technically speaking, they're right. The textbook definition of "essential" refers to whether your body can manufacture a nutrient on its own or must obtain it from food. There are essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, essential vitamins, and essential minerals, but there are no essential carbs. If you have all the essentials, plus adequate energy you could survive and even stay healthy on protein and fat with near-zero carbs.

Your daily carb intake! how low is too low?

"A unique trait of physique athletes is that they're not afraid of carbs; they learn how to manipulate carbs, eating more at times and less at other times".

Any diet that puts you in a deficit can cause weight loss, so you could cut calories across the board & you will lose weight. But there are several reasons why cutting carb calories specifically can help with advanced fat-loss goals. If you jump into a low-carb diet without understanding why you're doing it & how it works, you're likely to fall down a rabbit hole of carbo phobia and unnecessary food avoidance.

How does reducing carbs increase fat loss?

If you're a woman and you're still not quite sold on weightlifting yet, these health benefits of building your muscles, as discussed in a study conducted by the University of Texas, will change your mind:
• Your chances of developing diseases like, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer are significantly reduced.
• Your metabolism speeds up because muscle, even when idle, burns energy. This makes it easier to stay lean.
• Your bones become stronger.
• Your life expectancy increases.
• Your immune system becomes stronger.

And what about your physique? Well, gaining muscle does wonders for that too. Strong, well-developed muscles are what give women the curves they love. Nothing improves your image more in and out of your clothes than lean, defined muscles.

 Benefits of building muscle.

Based on these studies, you want to take 600-900 mg of catechins per day to realize the weight-loss benefits. The average GTE product contains about 300mg of catechins per pill. Green tea extract is an herbal product derived from green tea leaves. It contains a large amount of a substance known as a catechin, which is responsible for many of tea's health benefits. One of these benefits relates to weight loss. Research has shown that supplementation with GTE accelerates exercise-induced fat loss. In particular, it can help reduce abdominal fat.

Is green tea boon for human being?

A growing body of evidence is demonstrating that fasting has various health benefits. Studies have shown that fasting increases insulin sensitivity, stress resistance, fat oxidation, and life span and reduces the risk of disease. Yes, you read that right: Relatively long periods of fasting (16-24 hours) actually improve your health and help you burn more fat without any worries of the body obsessively storing every calorie you eat after the fast.

The health benefits of fasting

Study conducted by the TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute had 10 men drink 30-40 grams of alcohol per day (2 to 3 beers, 2 to 3 ounces of liquor, or 10 to 15 ounces of wine. After 3 weeks, their testosterone levels had dropped by about 7%.
Another study had 9 men drink 60-70 grams after working out, and it had no effect on testosterone levels during the following 5 hours.

How alcohol effects your testosterone level?

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