Emotional Eating
  Emotional Eating

Even a well planned diet plan can go in vain when you are clutched to emotional eating. Far beyond satisfying the appetite, people undergo emotional eating when they are in pain, stress and sometimes due to boredom and loneliness.

A mindful eating may save your health and you can control your weight yourself. Occasional over craving of food is not a worrying feature but when you always open the door of your refrigerator to pacify your stress; this means that you’re in unending vicious cycle of eating and gaining more stress due to weight gain.  At Diet Clinic, we not only plans your diets but monitor your daily progress and our counselors guide you inspirationally too. 

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Diet Clinic ® is a program of regular follow-up visits/ telephonic/ contact during the diet plans phase of the program. Results may vary from patient to patient. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.