Tea Cleanse Detox Diets
Tea Cleanse Detox Diets

Tea- Cleanse Detox Diets (14 days package)

Tea, since ages have been known for its anti-oxidant properties, which is instrumental in removing harmful toxins, encourages weight loss and maintains balance between the mind and body. It helps in the proper functioning of the kidneys and flushes out toxic substances from the body through urine. It also rejuvenates health, vigour and vitality by restoring these qualities in the body.

Tea has been a noted contributor of skin nourishment properties and using it as a cleansing diet will help remove harmful toxins from the skin and prevent skin problems like acnes and rashes.

Choosing to have the Tea-Cleanse Detox Diet course from Diet Clinic, a 14 day package programme will not only give a toxic free system and clear skin but will also rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Since the dietary regime puts you on teas during the course, you will be off food for all these days, hence, you stay of herbal and natural product for this period which is very effective for weight loss.

Another great benefit that you reap out of this package is that teas are effective in fighting infections in the body caused by bacterial and viruses. It is effective in cleansing bronchial tubes and gives relief from sinuses. Cleansing the kidney and improving bowel is another aspect that tea has been associated with.

It is always better and practical to use tea-cleanse detox as it is organic, safe and will never add toxin to the body.

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